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Hypnosis for weight loss

  • Examine and understand your diet history
  • Understand your options

  • Learn what works for you and what doesn't

The hypnosis for weight loss process:
Initial consultation: 
​In order to create the most effective plan for you, during this time we will​:
Hypnosis sessions: 
During these sessions, you will be placed in a relaxed and comfortable trance state where the subconscious mind is most receptive to suggestions. The goals of these sessions will be to:
  • Establish a different relationship with food 
  • Gain the coping skills and motivation to maintain long term success 
  • Introduce new healthy habits to replace the old 
Following these sessions you should become more aware of your actions and triggers so that the process of weight loss may begin. 

Start your journey to your goal weight today!

​Contact Certified Hypnotist Janet Goldman at (917) 549-7384 for more information or to book your first session
Have you tried almost every diet out there but still struggle with losing weight? Do you start out with good intentions but somehow get off track with your weight loss goals? If that sounds familiar, turn to hypnosis! Safe, simple and extremely successful, hypnosis for weight loss is your key to losing weight without ever dieting again. Over the years, we pick up unhealthy habits that can contribute to an unhealthy body weight. Through hypnosis, these unhealthy habits can just as easily be unlearned. Hypnosis will give you the power to bring about powerful and long term weight loss in a comfortable and painless fashion.

Certified NYC hypnotist Janet Goldman has an extensive background in nutrition, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Ms. Goldman understands that each person has their own individual difficulties and blocks and one size does not fit all. With this knowledge, she creates effective hypnosis programs that target each client’s specific needs.