The power of the mind

'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle

I love the way he articulates how our minds are so rarely in the present. By reading this book (and I do periodically when I feel myself going out of present moment), I allow my mind to come to the fore and let the past and future go. The past is done and the future hasn't happened. I love this book!

Quantum Physics 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

I first saw Dr. Joe in a movie called ' What the Bleep do you know' all about quantum physics, what is real and how we can make our life what we want it to be with our mind, thoughts and feelings.. Connecting to the energetic field to create our reality. No joke! And Dr. Joe makes it easy to understand.

Lynn McTaggart

Another take on quantum physics; Lynn is super articulate and clear in her communication. Check out her site and open your mind.

Psychics, Intuitives, and Tarot

Derek Calibre

Derek has a fascinating deck of post cards that he has collected over the years; he uses these along with his intuition to create his spot on readings. 

References and Recommendations 

Holistic Healing By Design: 

Life Coaching through Hypnosis and exploring quantum physics to create your reality.